True North strong (and sparkly).

Custom-made to order in Ottawa (Canada), Iron Siren Custom Stagewear offers multi-award-winning design and meticulous attention to detail that will separate your suit — and you — from the competition.

Each suit is designed from scratch with you in mind. A competition suit shouldn’t merely “fit”; it should be custom-shaped to complement your unique physique and the crystal work should reflect your individual personality and style.

I’ve worked with clients, coaches, and judges from five leading bodybuilding competition leagues. I stay up-to-date on each league’s specific category rules and follow judging trends. As we design your suit, I will act as your personal guide and offer my informed opinion on the best possible suit choices for you, based on my 5+ years of bodybuilding competition and 30+ years of sewing experience.

Ready to take your stage presentation to the next level? Let’s work together — reach out using the contact form located here.

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