Custom Suits Designed for Competitors by a Competitor

I’ve been there (trust me).

Whether it’s firm molded push-up cups to enhance a natural bust that has been slowly dwindling since the beginning of prep or detachable hip connectors for easy washroom breaks, I understand the challenges you’ll face on show day.

And I have solutions, included with every suit.

Flexible Options for Glamour at Any Budget

With a variety of crystal brands available, you’ll strike the right balance between dazzling glitter and affordability.

Need more time to save your pennies? Ask about Iron Siren’s flexible zero-interest, zero-fee payment plan.

VIP Experience Included

Iron Siren suits are made using only Preciosa crystal connectors, the strongest and most vibrant on the market.

Original custom design work, made-to-measure suit cuts, one-on-one consultations, and in-person fittings are all part of the VIP treatment given to every competitor, at no extra cost.