It all started with an ambitious first-time competitor, a malfunctioning sewing machine, and a generous sprinkling of trial-and-error.

I first made the decision to become a competitive bodybuilder in the spring of 2017. I was no stranger to the gym, but it was time for a new goal. I had no idea whether I wanted to compete in bikini or figure, but my new coach suggested it would be my physique that ultimately made that decision for me (and, of course, I found out later she was right).

As the competition neared, I began focusing on my final stage presentation — nailing my quarter turns, primping my hair, carefully honing my glamorous makeup look, and finding the perfect glittering masterpiece of a posing suit that would make Faberge blush. As a former makeup artist, I was more than happy to take on the task of getting myself into high glam for the stage. And I knew my way around a flat iron, which was good enough for me. But the suit? This became the real struggle. Although there was no shortage of custom options available to me, nothing I found felt like it was truly meant for me.

It was time to dust off yet another old skill in my repertoire.

Attempting to be a bikini girl but still wearing my creation with pride – Ottawa Natural Classic, June 2018

This is when I dug my old sewing machine out of the basement. It had long since lost its willingness to reverse stitch and its zig-zag stitch option was now predominantly zag with only the occasional zig. As a result, my prototype was a disaster. After investing in a new machine, the second prototype was at least wearable, but still not quite what would be considered acceptable by competition standards.

After many — and I do mean MANY — prototypes, each of which were carefully reviewed by a Canadian Physique Alliance judge and IFBB Figure Pro, I finally had a thorough understanding of competition suit standards and ideal shaping techniques. I learned that suits shouldn’t just fit, they should shape and enhance the wearer’s physique. I not only made myself two suits for my first competition (Bikini and Figure; and as it turned out, my physique really did choose Figure for me after all), but I also began making them for my fellow competitors.

And thankfully, they loved them.

My suits have now graced both regional- and national-level stages — and even my suits have won gold.

1st place in Figure Novice – Cobourg Naturals, April 2019

As much as I have always loved creating pretty things and helping other women feel as beautiful as they look, it is working with my fellow competitors that really drives me to make every Iron Siren Custom Stagewear experience memorable. I love hearing what motivates you, what inspires you, what scares you. As a competitor myself, I can often relate. And the more we get to know each other, the more I can put into your suit; it will be a suit crafted especially for you and there will be no other exactly like it.

Together we can make something that will make you feel as strong, beautiful, and unstoppable as you are both inside and out.

That is what it means to be an Iron Siren.

Alyson Yaraskovitch
Ottawa, Canada

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