By submitting a deposit as outlined below, the client enters a purchase agreement with Iron Siren Custom Stagewear and thereby accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions outlined on this page.

Every Iron Siren Custom Stagewear suit is designed and created custom for each client. As such, all sales are final. No refunds shall be given for any payments made, either in full or in part.

In order to secure a limited spot for a specified competition, a non-refundable deposit of $200 or 25% of the final suit value (whichever is greater) is required. Practice suits and swimwear valued at less than $250 must be paid in full at the time of ordering; suits of this type will not be constructed until paid in full. The full value of the deposit is applied to the remaining balance owing on the completed suit. No spots shall be reserved or held until the deposit has been received. Should a competition be cancelled, postponed, or the client decides not to compete for any reason, the deposit and reservation can be transferred to a future competition date, provided that the client has provided written notification to Iron Siren Custom Stagewear no less than 4 weeks prior to the competition date. Deposits and store credit are non-transferrable without prior written authorization by Iron Siren Custom Stagewear. Iron Siren Custom Stagewear reserves the right to deny requests for deposit or store credit transfers for any reason.

After the deposit has been paid, additional payments may be made in installments. The outstanding balance is required at the time of suit delivery, and the suit will not be given to the client until the outstanding balance has been paid in full. Any payments made to Iron Siren Custom Stagewear are non-refundable.

The client agrees to provide measurements as accurately as possible and to request clarification or assistance when necessary. Any major fit issues that result from the client providing highly inaccurate measurements or otherwise false information is the responsibility of the client, and Iron Siren Custom Stagewear reserves the right to use discretion when addressing how problems related to inaccurately provided information will be handled.

By entering a purchase agreement, the client agrees to inform Iron Siren Custom Stagewear of any suit design, measurement, or deadline dates as soon as they become known. Requests for changes within 4 weeks of the deadline date may not be possible/honoured.

Custom competition suits created by Iron Siren Custom Stagewear carry a limited warranty on construction and materials. Connectors are protected for a period of one year after delivery date and will be replaced with identical connectors at no charge in the event they are defective or break due to faults in workmanship; connector warranty is voided if the damage was caused intentionally or due to negligence. Crystal work and general construction workmanship are covered up to the date of the client’s specified competition date; crystal work warranty is voided if the damage was caused intentionally or due to negligence. On condition that the client provided measurements accurately and truthfully, fit is guaranteed for the specified competition date only and alterations will be made at no extra cost. Fit alterations requested beyond the specified competition date will be made at the client’s expense. Iron Siren Custom Stagewear is not responsible for any stains or other damage caused to the suit by the competitor.

Suits will only be constructed from materials supplied by Iron Siren Custom Stagewear; clients may not provide their own supplies. In the event of an exception made at the discretion of Iron Siren Custom Stagewear, no discounts on the suit total shall be provided and suit warranty will be null and voided.

Iron Siren Custom Stagewear does not alter suits made by another suit designer, or copy crystal designs created by any other artist. All crystal designs created by Iron Siren Custom Stagewear are copyrighted material and may not be copied fully or in part by any other artist. Iron Siren Custom Stagewear will pursue legal action against anyone found to be engaging in copyright infringement.

As part of the purchase agreement, the client agrees to allow Iron Siren Custom Stagewear to post photos of the custom suit and any publicly-available stage photos of the client wearing the suit (i.e. photos posted to a competition or league website, or already posted publicly by the client on social media). Iron Siren Custom Stagewear agrees not to post any private photos taken at consultations or fittings. Iron Siren Custom Stagewear agrees to remove any photos containing a client at any time immediately upon receipt of a written request.

Iron Siren Custom Stagewear agrees to safeguard personal information. Payment information, addresses, contact information, measurements, fitting photos, consultation communications, etc. will all remain confidential between Iron Siren Custom Stagewear and the client to whom they belong.

At this time, Iron Siren Custom Stagewear can only fulfill orders placed within Canada.


Due to shipping delays, suits ordered within 4 weeks of the specified competition date will be subject to a $75-$150 rush order delivery fee in order to ensure all supplies are received on time (actual fee will be dependent on current shipping costs and will be quoted to the client in advance). Suits ordered within this timeframe must be paid for in full at the time of ordering, including the rush order delivery fee.

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